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Glenwood Funeral Homes - Serving Mississippi in Vicksburg, Port Gibson, Utica, Rolling Rock and Lousiana in Tallulah
Your Family
In Time of Bereavement

At Glenwood Funeral Homes, our team of caring professionals will help you create a meaningful service, allowing your family and friends to come together to remember, to honor, to support each other and to celebrate a life that has been lived with utmost dignity.

Planning Ahead?
A loved one’s final services will be remembered by those who attend for a lifetime. The best services aren’t planned while families are in the midst of grief.

You can begin to build your peace of mind using our easy pre-planning guide.

Bobby  Franklin  Stout
Born: 12/28/1936
Died: 7/20/2018
Jezelle  Headley
Born: 3/16/1955
Died: 7/19/2018
Deborah  Jane  Holloway
Born: 7/27/1958
Died: 7/18/2018
Walter  Barron  Hynum
Born: 1/10/1940
Died: 7/17/2018
Freda  Jo  Stokes
Born: 4/3/1938
Died: 7/5/2018
Chadwick  Earl  Hudson
Born: 12/26/1975
Died: 7/4/2018
Emily  Faulk  Greer
Born: 3/17/1930
Died: 7/4/2018
Helen  Sanders
Born: 3/6/1933
Died: 7/4/2018
Stephen  Dunigan
Born: 4/18/1980
Died: 7/1/2018
Edwin  Woods, Sr.
Born: 7/6/1933
Died: 6/30/2018
Ellen  Virginia  Seawright
Born: 4/16/1912
Died: 6/25/2018
Marjorie  Kyzar
Born: 11/2/1919
Died: 6/23/2018

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